Andy Griffith Show Cast

Andy Griffith – Sheriff Andrew Jackson “Andy” Taylor

Sheriff Andrew Taylor plays the role of Sheriff in the series and also as Justice of the Peace of Mayberry. He is shown as genial and good-natured.

He is in all the 249 episodes televised between 1960 and 1968.

Ron Howard – Opie Taylor

Opie Taylor is Andy’s little son and a good-hearted human being. In 1960 during the start of the series was about six years old.

He appeared in 209 episodes from 1960 to 1968.

Don Knotts – Barney Fife

He is the Deputy Sheriff of Mayberry in the series. He is thin and wiry, and thinks himself as expert lawman.

Barney is seen in 142 episodes between 1960 and 1968.

Frances Bavier – Aunt Bee

She is paternal aunt of Andy Taylor and lives along in Virginia. Andy invites her to live with him and his son Opie replacing housekeeper Rose who moved away after getting married.

She appears in 176 episodes between 1960 and 1968.

Jim Nabors – Gomer Pyle

He is dim-witten mechanic at the Filing Station of Wally. He joins United States Marine Corps and appeared in 23 episodes in seasons three and four.

George Lindsey – Goober Pyle

Goober Pyle is an auto mechanic and appears in 86 episodes between seasons four and eight.

Betty Lynn – Thelma Lou

She is Barney’s girlfriend and appeared in 26 episodes from the first season to sixth.

Howard McNear – Floyd Lawson

He is a barber in the movie and was seen in 80 episodes from first to seventh seasons.

Hal Smith – Otis Campbell

Smith is a town drunk in the series and appears from beginning to the seventh seasons in 32 episodes.

Elinor Donahue – Ellie Walker

She is Andy’s first girlfriend. She is also a pharmacist at drug store. She appeared in just one season in the beginning and was seen in total of 11 episodes.

Howard Morris – Ernest T. Bass

Morris is a mountain man in the series who always brought troubles and was seen in just five episodes from season 3 to 6.

Aneta Corsaut – Helen Crump

She has played Andy’s girlfriend role in later episodes. She is a school teacher. She appeared in 66 episodes and was seen in season 3 to 8.

Jack Dodson – Howard Sprague

He is the milquetoast county clerk who appeared in 37 episodes from season six to eight.

Maggie Peterson – Charlene Darling

She is a pretty daughter of Briscoe Darling and got a crush on Andy. She just appeared in five episodes from season 3 to 7.

Clint Howard – Leon

Leon is a toddler in cowboy outfit in the series and appeared in five episodes from season 2 to season 4.

Hope Summers – Clara Edwards

The other name of Clara Edwards is Clara Johnson and Bertha Edwards. She is a widow who is the best friend of Aunt Bee. She has appeared in 31 episodes from beginning to season 8.

The Andy Griffith Show

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