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The entire plot of long running CBS sitcom Andy Griffith Show revolves around Sheriff Andy Taylor aka Andy Griffith as well as his life at a fictional sleepy place named Mayberry in North Carolina.

Andy Griffith is not only Sheriff in Mayberry, but also major, justice of the pace and a newspaper editor too. He also got a small son, then only about 6 years in 1960, as Ron Howard.

Due to level-headed approach of Andy to law enforcement, he becomes scourge of local moonshiners as well as criminals of out-of-town. He has also been shown as having extraordinary ability in solving community problems with his common sense advice and mediation.

In the Andy Griffith Show the professional life of Andy has been shown little complicated and his deputy by the name Barney Fife has been portrayed as his cousin in three episodes – first, second and sixth.

In the barber shop on main street Andy Socializes with his friends and dates several females too. In season three a schoolteacher becomes his steady interest.

At home fishing is his favorite thing to do with son Opie. In evenings he likes being with his maiden aunt and housekeeper. Season after season Opie tried to test the parenting skills of his father.

The entire plot of Andy Griffith Show is interesting. It began televising on CBS in 1960 and reached its end on September 16 in 1968. However, the series still continued for 3 additional seasons even after the end of the show and it was named as Mayberry RFD. In it Ken Berry took over as star.

The greatness of the show is that it became most consistently popular sitcoms of all time and lasted 249 half-hour episodes.

Andy Griffith Show

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